Product Specifications:
  • Item Code: 1.5w -2835 - MOD
  • Power: 1.5 Watt per Module
  • Light Output: 145 Lumens per Module
  • Waterproof:  Injection Moulded Ip66
  • Applications: Fabricated Letters and Light Boxes (80-200mm deep)
  • Certificates: CE and ROHS
  • Qty LED's: 3 
  • Input DC: 12V
  • Working Current: 0.83 Amps/Module
  • Dimensions: 72mm x 18.5
  • Vewing angle: 170 Degrees
  • Mounting: 3M VHB Double Sided Tape
  • Cutting and or Reconnecting: In Between Modules
  • Wire length between Modules: 120mm
  • Colour Temp: 6000-6500k and 9000-11000k
  • High colour consistency: 3 Step Mac Adam
  • Ambient Temp: Max. 60 Degrees
  • Warranty:  5 Years

Easy 12V Transformer Guide:

20 x Modules -35 Watt Driver

26 x Modules -50 Watt Driver

46 x Modules -75 Watt Driver

60 x Modules -100 Watt Driver 

93 x Modules -150 Watt Driver

126 x Modules -200 Watt Driver 

Easy 12 Transformer Guide (Out-Door)

16 x Modules -30 Watt Driver IP67

33 x Modules -60 Watt Driver IP67

60 x Modules -100 Watt Driver IP67

93 x Modules - 150 Watt Driver IP67


"Far more Economical than using Flourescent Tubes or Neon Tubes".

Up to 90% Electricity Saving.

No Starters, Balasts and unnescessary wiring needed, making the manufacture of signs much quicker and easier.

The completed signs also weigh far less and are far more robust making transportation and installation much easier.

No Corrosion failures when using LEDZ waterproof or corrosion proof wire connectors. 

Modules have a much longer life expectancy, therefore maintenance and repair costs are Greatly reduced!


Installation Instructions:

Modules can be Connected straight to 12V Batteries or to 12V Power Supplies.( see Power Supplies)

Multiply the Qty of the Modules x Watts per Module = Size of Power Supply(Watts)

Max. 20 Modules connected in Series.

Max. Ambient Temperature - 60 Degrees.

Modules are Waterproof but not Recommended for Underwater installations.

The Wires between the Modules can be Cut and/or Extended as needed.

Insulate all Connections Well, never let the Possitive and Negative Wires touch.

Simply Remove Double Sided Tape Covering and Stick in Place.

Grey or Red Wires are Positive and White Wires are Negative.

LED's will not work if the Wires are Connected Incorrectly.

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