• Solar Panel: 100W 18V
  • Gel Battery: 60AH 12V
  • Charge Controller: 10A
  • Inverter: 1000W (Choose between Modified / Pure Sine Wave Inverter)
  • DC lamp Port: 4 pcs, with 4pcs 3w12v LED lamp
  • AC Plug points x2
  • USB Port: 1 piece
  • Can be used for lighting (1 Globe average 320 hours), phone charging and some household appliance
  • Overload Protection
  • Product size: 400*187*383mm
  • Solar panel size: 1030*666*30mm

NB: Please note that you will need to open the top of the unit to connect the battery before use
NB: Please do not overload the system by connecting appliances that exceed the inverter
Wattage size

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