LEDZ offers a variety of DIY Back-up LED Lighting options that are Easy to Install!


For a Long Term Lighting Solution to Load Shedding our Emergency "Battery Back-up Power Supply Units" are ideal.

They come in two sizes and you can choose the type and quantity of LED lights to suit your application. 


The sealed units simply plug into a wall socket and two thin wires (Safe & Low Voltage) run to various 12V LED Light Points.


The unit remains plugged in, the LED Lights Automatically switch On when Power is cut & switch Off when Power resumes and the battery

automatically "re-charges".

The Battery is easy to replace and our LED Lights come with full 3-5 Year Warranties. 

Watch the Video:

Select the items for your Application: Battery, LED Light/s, Length of Wire, a Remote Control and or an On/Off Switch. 


FREE! Deliveries to your Door, for Orders over R500.00! All Prices Include Vat! 

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